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Lapsap + Co. Part 2 - "The Farewell to the Loft"

The Story Begins...

photo courtesy of Streething

Lapsap waved farewell to the Loft (Zouk) last night with pure noises, great set of music, and massive turn ups in one great party.

We couldn't think of any farewell song and Lapsap was there to save us all!

The party was warmed up by Kelvin Oon, Arafah Adruce (Arabyrd) and Lim Kok Kean before the awesome dynamic duo, Blink (a.k.a 5ft a.k.a. Lau Hoe Yin) and Xu (a.k.a. Mr Puah a.k.a. Phra Kok Leong) or also known as LAPSAP, spun good shits and brought the house down.

Tons of familiar faces came and witness the most awesome party in town. Usual "We Are Lapsap" crew from facebook partied as hard as the music beats went wild. Familiar tunes were played and made the crowd go crazy hoo-haa such as Shitdisco's 72 Virgins (The Bloody Beetroots Remix), Green Velvet's Shake & Pop, Herve's Cheap Thrills and a whole lot more that made the dancefloor shaking like tsunami! The duo did played the latest song by Bloc Party titled Mercury. Awesome song.

I'm so not getting any drink from the jug after seeing the kids barfing in it. YUCKS!

Check out some party photos!

Azmir is so gonna get mad if he sees this!

Yati: OMG! I sendiri terkejut boyfriend i benarkan i pergi ngan korang semua!

The packed dancefloor

I like electro... I like retro.. I like ghetto... house and techno


The "B" peeps!

The End