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Traffic Jam Street Party with DAUGHTRY @ One Utama

The Story Begins...

The 5-minutes press conference

The American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry and his band, Daughtry, were finally here in our shores to rock Malaysians at the recent closed street party by Sony Ericsson.

The perimeter was fully covered by ten foot walls with a very tight security to ensure nobody without ticket can trespass the event. No matter how hard the people attempt to sneak in, they can never get in. Not even a peek from the upper level of the mall!

Daughtry was scheduled to perform on stage at 11pm after warm up performances by Liang, Daniel Lee and Stylustiks. Frankly, I don’t think they suit to share the same stage with the rockstar. Yes, I admit they are good in their own genre but not as opening acts for international rock band.

The crowd chanted for the band after the screen displayed their name. Main man, Chris Daughtry wore a printed black tee with his fiery orange guitar open their set with a track titled “What I Want”. Chris performed a solo of their new stuff titled “Long Way” and I think it was amazing.

The band did good interactions with the crowd and they did rock us all mad from beginning to end. They didn’t fail to entertain the 3,000 attendees and played good tunes such as “Used To”, “What About Now”, “It’s Not Over” and “Feels Like Tonight”. Everyone didn’t want them to stop so they did two songs for encore; “Home” and “There and Back Again”.

The show was a blast and I believed everyone who stood for 5 hours to catch their performance as early as 6pm would say it was worth their pain.

Adli Syahril says: ... and we missed Paul van Dyk's gig... So we headed to Euphoria! YEAHHH!!