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So much for a short period

The Story Begins...

I can't believe my eyes that it's already Friday after I took a quick look at the calender.
Wow! Can you believe it? It's already Friday!

This holiday has been very meaningful to me.
I went out with lots of beautiful people that colors my life.
Catching up with some old buddies.
Hanging out and enjoying good music.
Attended awesome parties.
My parents were being really supportive to me.
Shopped here and there...
Everything about this short holiday! It is a whole bunch of great experience!

Me, Anis, Juli, Syafiq and Azhar.

Aizat, Myra, Ilya and Me

My current favorite photo (taken by Aizat)

My research hasn't finish yet...
Got a long way to go.

I'm very tired today. Sorry April for not attending Impulse tonight :(

Adli Syahril says: Anyone going for the last Twilight Actiongirl? YEAHHHH!!!

The End


  1. syafiq said...:

    wooo...betpl njoy sakan ko ek cuti ni..but i really had fun with u guys tat nite...hope 2 c u guys soon k..

  1. Unknown said...:

    yeap... it's the best holiday! :D

  1. Unknown said...:

    cuti seminggu still tak cukup bagi aku huwaaaaaaa