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Upcoming parties + concert!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
I know most of y'all craving for more great acts and performers to come to Malaysia.
Last week, MTV Asia Awards 08 invaded Malaysia with quite a number of international acts such as The Script, One Republic, Leona Lewis and The Click Five.

Pussycat Dolls were here with a small gig at Coco Banana in Sunway, Panic at the Disco with their less promotional concert and less-than-1000 attendees and they did brought down the house.

A week before, Daughtry rocked Malaysians with a set of rocking tunes. I wasn't a big fan but he converted me to become one!

*sobs... i didn't attend Paul van Dyk's gig because of Daughtry... instead i went to Euphoria*

Great DJ acts were here... Shitdisco did an awesomely show with great crowds and crazy stage diving action. (we know how to kung fu, huh?) and of course, Paul van Dyk's selling out gig every year at Zouk. I heard the club was full before 11pm. Crazy stuff huh?

Not to fret, people!
More great events are coming...

1. Klubbers.net Annual Party presents ALY & FILA @ Zouk (9/8/2008)

It's tonight and I believe it's gonna be one hell of a great party. Seriously, I've listened to the Tranceworld Mix Volume 2 by the man, Aly & Fila, and it's purely euphoric beats. These guys are good quality DJs and if you miss it, you'll regret it! I want to hear them play "How Long"!
website: www.klubbers.net

2. Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 @ Equestrian Bukit Kiara (16/8/2008)

I'm sure this would be a great event since the last Pesta Malam Indonesia in 2006. Good line-ups such as Samsons, Peterpan, Slank, Ungu and more. I'm not sure whether I'm going for this one or not. Anyone going? Takde geng la beb... hehehhe
I didn't get any complimentary tickets for this one :(
website: www.pestamalamindonesia.com

3. Pure Ibiza II with DJ Shah @ Zouk (16/8/2008)

Experience the pure music of Ibiza with DJ Shah. I don't think he needs any introduction by now. He played alongside with Armin van Buuren and collaborated in one track called "Going Wrong". What an awesome track!? This is gonna be good. I love "White Sand"!
website: www.zoukclub.com.my

4. Mocca & InTheBox Records @ Zouk (17/8/2008)

Oh yeah! Let's chill with Mocca and the great openings for the band. I'm so into Decma and the could have been. (Decma TCHB) and I want to hear them performing live. :)
Applejuice is performing too and of course, let's dance and jive to the sound of Mocca. :)
Recommended? HELL YEAH!!!
website: www.mymocca.com

4. Butterfingers Album Launch @ Planet Hollywood (24/8/2008)

They are local but they are totally good.
I've been listening to them since I was 9 years old and now they KEMBALI with a new album. hehehe. I think they will be playing a set of their new songs for this gig.
website: http://butterfingerstheband.blogspot.com/

5. Avril Lavigne Live in Malaysia @ Stadium Merdeka (29/8/2008)

Oh yeah! Malaysia is a part of her "The Best Damn Tour"!!!
I don't care if you hate her. I think it's a one-time-chance to see her in Malaysia.
Grab your tickets now!
website: www.galaxy.com.my & www.axcess.com.my

Unfortunately, we have to travel to our neighbor countries to catch big act performances :(
Kanye West, Death Cab For Cutie, Ash in Singapore
The Kooks in Hong Kong

Whatever! We still have tons of great local acts PLUS great gig on every weekend!

Adli Syahril: I can't wait for KAMI final gig in Bukit Jalil this October!!!

The End