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The New Year Party!

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
Happy New Year!

I had a great New Year Eve.
MidZone Countdown 2008 was totally blew me away!

Kudos to Forward Start Sdn Bhd for organizing this one great rave party!

I want to say thanks to Kimberly for giving me two free tickets and SiuPakChoi from MASH for selecting me as the winner of the backstage pass.

Everybody was friendly that night.

Sorry to Jeremy Paran for not attending the H2O Beach Blast in Sunway because I got free tix for MidZone.

Anyway, I went to the party with Dollah hitam, Faridah and Amalyna. We met Lah at the party.
Chip and his friends were there. Najibah and her friends too. Who else? Bad from Klubbers.

There were this guy who greeted me at the entrance. He said that he was from Klubbers too but I couldn't recall his name. Sorry dude! We did partied together for Stoneface & Terminal, right? hahaha!

The party was hosted by Serena C. She's making the whole rave party like a concert with her sore throat. hehehe.

Great staging. Lots of lasers. Great lightings. As for the soundsystem, the bass wasn't enough for me. :P
Fireworks show... AWESOME!
It was choreographed with the music. I love it when they played the slow song with the slow movement of fireworks.

Hmm, I did went to the backstage for the meet-the-fan session.
Stoneface & Terminal gave us (the backstage passer) their latest CD (Wide Range) and a t-shirt of their record label; Euphonic Records.

Bad's friend brought the Stoneface & Terminal vinyl for them to sign and Bad brought something for the DJs.

What else...
DJ Nesh was spinning R&B tunes with Vandal as the MC.
Dhol Federation played the percussion at the crowd's podium with the sounds of Trance.
Lion Dance!
The awesome laser show too.

Lots of familiar tracks.
Matthew White kicked off with Faithless' Insomnia. He played Let Me Think About It by Fedde Le Grand and Ida Cor alongside with the Dhol Federation playing percussion and also David Guetta's Love Is Gone.
For your information, Dhol Federation played at the Rainforest World Music Festival before this. :P

Stoneface & Terminal as the last DJ act for the night played lots of their great tracks!
My favorite Soulseeker & More Than Anything too.
I was pumping my fist up enjoying their mix of trance & NRG.
It was an experience that I couldn't forget...

Thanks again to Kim & SPC. We all had a great party!

Here are some photos:


Stoneface & Terminal with fans :)

Dhol Federation on the podium.

The laser dancer

DJ Nesh, MC Vandal & Jungle Jerry with the dancers


It's playtime, party people!

The fireworks

Faridah & the lion!

Last night the DJs save my life... with the SONG! Nyanyi pulak!


Happy New Year 2008!

The End.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    great nite yaw!
    i loike..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hey man it was awesome meeting you! lets do this again next year aye!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Bad: Yeah! Great night!

    Kim: Hey, it's great to see you too! :) Hope there'll be more great party as this one!