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I love audio visualization!

The Story Begins...

Few nights ago,
I went clubbing with my friends and the party was really really great!
Good house & electro.
The DJ played tunes from Josh Wink, Pakito, Bob Sinclair, Fedde Le Grand, Eric Prydz and whole lot of the latest electro (which you can find in the Ministry of Sound CD series & Hed Kandi)

The best part was the audio visualization is great!
They uses the LED screen as their visual display.
I've seen one in Ruums at the top of the stage. As for this club that I went, the wall behind the DJ is the LED screen. Senang cerita, dinding berskrin LED. hehehe.

And suddenly it reminds me of The Chemical Brothers.
Hahahah. Takde kena-mengena sebenarnya with my clubbing experience.
Tapi cuma nak cerita about the visuals that they use at clubs and rave parties.

I browsed through the Internet to watch The Chemical Brothers' concert.
The visual is really really great.
Nothing can ever compared to it.
It was done by their (Chemical Brothers) myspace creator.

Seriously, it's one awesome visual for a rave party.

As from what I've had experienced, the best audio visual was by VJ 4youreye for Speedzone in Menara KL. It was really dark, eerie, creepy and scary.

"the sound is always as good as the visuals" -4youreye-

Malaysia pun dah ada local VJ (Visual Jockey)
The most famous one is Altered Image. They are really awesome in making live visuals for parties.
They did the visuals for IndepenDance party and also Recharge: Global Arena.
I still remember those vintage ladies! heheheh

I don't have videos of their visuals but let's watch Chemical Brothers live concert.
Check out their live visuals + lightings.
It's really great! Don't you blink an eye! hehehe

I'm currently downloading the video of Chemical Brothers' concert live in Glastonbury.

It's very rare... You can't even find it in torrent!

It's been 3 days and still hasn't finished yet

Let's watch the YouTube version of the concert.

Check out the visuals!


p/s: Caution! Strobing content! hehehe

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    giler arrr...
    ko ni mmg kawan aku paling unik...
    siap kaji lagi bende2 yg ko nmpk kt party...
    kalau aku, mampus ko la...
    anyway, mmg btul, if visual and audio sehati sejiwa, mmg lebih berkesan lah msg yg cuba disampaikan...

    mcm Benny punye Satisfaction...

  1. Unknown said...:

    mesti la.
    tanpa visuals, satu concert tuh takkan gempaq! :P

  1. HD said...:

    nice! :) im just a passer by

  1. Unknown said...:

    thank you, hazim darwish! :)