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Listen to this!

The Story Begins...

I'm a big fan of Tiesto.
So crazy over his mix since forever.
Oh well, you know. I browse through YouTube like almost every week to watch his latest concert. God! I can't wait for the tour to be in Malaysia. :P

Anyway, later on. I found that Tiesto played the remix of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack done by Mat Zo.
So, I clicked on it and watch the video.
It is a real massive track!

Guess what?!
Mat Zo, the man behind the remix of Motion Picture Soundtrack is only 16 years old!

Here's his bio from Myspace

"UK born, Matan Zohar (aka Mat Zo, Reif, Unripelemon), only 16, has made a sudden appearence on the EDM scene. After 3 years of producing varied electronic music, ranging from Drum and Bass to Trance, he discovered Progressive House. This discovery lead him to being trcklisted by some of the worlds top DJs. But still a teenager, Mat Zo is at the beginning of a long career.

Since his transition into Progressive Dance music, he explored all the flavours the genre had to offer including, Electro Prog, Markus Schulzish Trance, James Holdenish Minimal House and good old fashion Progressive House. All of his varied styles have gained huge recognition. His Remix of Holden and Thompson's 'Nothing' saw him gain a name for himself on a bigger scale. Mat Zo should soon become a popular name on EDM scene.

On the road to success, Mat Zo has gained great support from DJs such as DJ R-Man, DJ Tarkan, Jav D, Micah, Airwave, Andy Moor and Markus Schulz. Also his tracks have been spun by DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Mike Shiver, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and many others.

As a DJ, you could say that Mat Zo is a beginner. But he is already gaining credibility as a radio DJ, with mixes featured on many highly rated radio stations. Since he is still young, he hasn't been offered many bookings for clubs. However Mat will continue to grab audiences accross the world through the aid of technology."

Superstar DJs has already played his tracks on their gigs!

check out Mat Zo's myspace at http://www.myspace.com/matzomusic

Here are the videos of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack remix by Mat Zo.

The track itself

Taken from Tiesto's live concert

The End.