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Be Aware!

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"Hi everyone, not here to spoil your party mood but wanted to inform everyone that Operasi Chinese New Year Makan duit has begun. Raids and roadblocks in KL are very much confirmed. PJ area is safe at the moment. Operasi will begin in Maison Asian Heritage Row and lead up to the Cheras areas. Not that if you are clean its ok, but being trapped in a club (Squatting down) until 6am in the morning whilst those POLICEMEN call your name one by one isn’t great fun. So be safe, party in PJ areas near your homes, if you live in KL, good luck and Happy Chinese New Year."


Me and my buddies went for clubbing last night. The craziest party I had. Even the most quiet person in my batch joined us. Everybody was damn cranky especially Aizat n Fiq. But after I read this, guess i have to stop at the moment... for chinese new year. Selalunya time Chinese New Year la diorg *cough* the cops. hehehe...

February ni dah la Above & Beyond coming down to Zouk KL. Also an event night at Maison KL. Just be careful. :-)

Don't let this happen to u! Hehehhe

The End