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Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2008 this March?!

The Story Begins...

Oh yes,
I'm about to reveal this upcoming event that you guys wouldn't want to miss!

Sunburst KL International Music Festival 2008 @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park (15th March 2008)

What event is this?

Imagine this! 22 live acts and 4 stages! ISN'T THAT MASSIVE!?

Acts that are in the pipelines are Incubus, The Roots, The Offspring and others will be reveal soon by the organizer.

The list of acts which I've found on Myspace:

1. Danny Bedrosian & Secret Army (Funk, R&B & Soul)
2. Incognito (Jazz Funk)
3. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (Funk, R&B)
4. Richard Bailey (Fusion, Funk, Jazz) <--- Play drums for Incognito as well
5. Kidd Funkadelic (Metal)

Those acts put up the event in their tour dates. Yang lain-lain, i'm not sure :P
Hopefully we could get to see great bands coming to Malaysia!

If you can't get enough of Sunburst, rumors saying that lots and lots of great acts are coming here soon!
Switchfoot & Explosions in the Sky are confirm coming here. I want to go for Explosions in the Sky if got friend coming along :)
Rihanna & Celine Dion are expected to perform in KL either March or April. So as the Click Five for a full concert.
Toto is coming this March in Cyberjaya.
Sean Kingston & Colbie Caillat are also scheduled to promo their album in Malaysia early half of 2008.

Who else?
Mika, Maroon 5 & Bon Jovi might be coming here too but no confirmation dates have been made yet.

Hey, hey...
Someone said that... SPEEDZONE TOUR 2008 will be held again at KL Tower this 22nd of March. A week after Sunburst KL International Music Festival. Shit, have to save up my cash by now!

Either this May or June, three superstar DJs are making their way to KL. This one will be BIG!
Why? You'll know it soon.. :P
I can't reveal it here because I've made a promise with the contact person! hehehe.

So, save up your money!
Book your air flight ticket!
Create excuses for your parents!
Get a new clothes!
Cuz this year's event is bigger than ever...

The End.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    mai simpan duwet...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hah ok dah bc..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    yo dude hi how r ya..btw i need a big favour from u..can u pls tell me where 2 get the explosion in the sky tix and how much pls2 get bck to me...pls, i really wanna go, email me pls wheres_kechik@hotmail.com thks alot bro...

  1. Unknown said...:

    yo dude, i'll e-mail it to you :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    those r sure gud list of acts my fren, but i bet my left nut after the election n opposition winning, we will be seeing them in our dreams only.... sad rite, but tat's the reality....
    u have a great sunburst experience, i hope u do, coz tis may be the last we'll be getting in like maybe 4 yrs time.....