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The Intern has begun!

The Story Begins...

I couldn't believe that I am already in the 6th semester.
Wow. Two years and a half has already gone. And now, it's the final one!

Alrite, me and the team chose GLAM magazine for our final project.

I'm sure most of y'all would ask "WHY GLAM?" to me... I'll get back to the question later on.

me and my team-mates, we had an appointment with Wirda Adnan (the editor of GLAM magazine) to discuss about our final project for part 6. The meeting was fine. She did lent her ears listening to what our needs and wants for our final project. Even more, we did gave out ideas for what the magazine needed to improve. Ilya did gave brilliant ideas. She loves it a lot!

After listening to our "gedebak-gedebuk", she gave us few tasks!
OMG, it is a VERY, VERY important task for GLAM.

How should I tell it here...
It's going to be a very big surprise. Why don't y'all ask me? heheheh

As for today's meeting with Wirda Adnan, it really opened up my eyes towards this magazine. What I'm trying to say here is, this task gave myself a big challenge. Personally, I don't have a fashion background but through the tasks given, I could learn a bit about the fashion industry by local and also international. So, it's a challenge! Adli Syahril, the boy who loves to party, concerts and attending events ended in the fashion industry. Hmm, I could learn. :)

After finished meeting with her, we went to Bukit Bintang just to check on the previous issues of any fashion magazines. Anyway, Ilya called Wirda Adnan just to wish her with "Thank You" and later on, our first task began... "Pick up two dresses from Bernard Chandran boutique in KL Plaza since you guys are already there and bring it to the photoshoot this 26th." That's not all...
"I want you all to get some clothes from The Gardens & Pavilion this 26th too."

I'm sure the challenge will turn out to be great & fun.

So, back to the question... If you ask "Why GLAM?"
You asking the wrong question.

It should be, "Why not GLAM?"

The End