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My Chemical Romance @ Stadium Merdeka (9th December 2007)

The Story Begins...

This week would be my 4th week of entertainment.

My Chemical Romance concert at Stadium Merdeka.

I went there with Juli & Joanne from Subang.
We gerak from home at 6.15pm.
We had a GREAT traffic jam.
We hitted a Vios, thank god that person is a really nice guy. He didn't mad at us.
We reached there at 8pm.
The ticket for the blue zone (RM163) was sold out. DAMN!
We got the green zone (RM103) ticket for only RM73.
It was drizzling.
Thanks to the organizer for giving out free raincoat to everyone.

The concert was good.
Gerard's voice is not that bad for a live concert.

Muse did better compared to MCR but it's still great to have MCR here in Malaysia.
We really did enjoy the concert!

The crowd.... MOSTLY KIDS!
It's like the kids brought their parents to the concert... not the parents brought their kids.

The most memorable song of the night was Helena, Cancer, Mama, Teenagers and Famous Last Words. They did something different for the Helena's introduction. I didn't expect that they were going to perform Mama because of the word "Mama, we're all going to hell" but of course, Malaysians are getting more open minded. :)
Teenagers was really really fun moment. Famous Last Words as their last song. IT WAS THE BOMB!

Muse played 19 songs.
My Chemical Romance did 17 songs.

Songs that I expected but didn't play that night:

1. It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
2. Thank You For the Venom (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
3. Disenchanted (from the Black Parade)
4. The Ghost of You (from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)

Here is the set list for the concert:

1. This Is How I Disappear
2. Dead!
3. I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
4. Give 'Em Hell Kid
5. The Sharpest Lives
6. Mama (the BEST!)
7. Cemetery Drive
8. Welcome to the Black Parade (the BEST!)
9. I Don't Love You
10. House of Wolves
11. You Know What They Did To Guys Like Us in Prison
12. Helena (the BEST!)
13. Teenagers (the BEST!)
14. Sleep
15. Cancer (the BEST!)
16. Desert Song
17. Famous Last Words (the BEST!)

My Chemical Romance is the closing concert for me as I couldn't go for Dewa 19's concert because of family vacation. :(

Here's the photo of us at the event.

The big poster outside the stadium

Me & Juli

The Crowd

Credits to Chenws of PhotoMalaysia Forum

Gerard Way on stage (Credits to Chenws from PhotoMalaysia Forum)

Famous Last Words! (Credits to Chenws from PhotoMalaysia Forum)

Us with Faizal Tahir

in our raincoat

Going back in a happy feeling, right joanne?

For more photos, please visit my Multiply.

Here's the video of Welcome To Black Parade live at Stadium Merdeka!!

The End


  1. sarahistheone said...:

    i also went to the concert.....it was awesome.
    hehe...i'm actually taking the picture from mr chenws and put it in my blog. lucky you ada bawak kamera

  1. Unknown said...:

    hello sarah.
    thanks for reading my blog.
    tuh kamera kawan i...
    kamera i dah rosak! :(

    for your information, their songs are still playing inside my head until now! hehehe. Cheers, bud!