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J.Co Donut & Coffee @ Pyramid 2

The Story Begins...

Last night,
me and my friends went to Sunway Pyramid.
We picked up Waney at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie as she stayed there for the weekend with the family.

In Sunway Pyramid,
I did my first attempt to line up at the J.Co Donut & Coffee. Hey, we survived in less than 15 minutes to get our donuts! Thanks to Waney because if it wasn't because of her, I don't think I would want to line up.

I had half dozen of donuts. I brought it back home for my parents because the other day, me and my mom wanted to line up at Pavilion KL but the line was too long. So we quit waiting.

That "Why Nut?" seriously look tasty!

J.Co Donut & Coffee was originated from Indonesia and the business is owned by an Indonesian Hairdresser named Johnny Andrean. Wow. A hairdresser?
The most popular donut from J.Co is Al Caponne. Even my mum said that it's her favorite.

See the quantity of boxes there. I can't find my box!

Alrite. I had Al Caponne, Coco Loco, Why Nut?, Caviar Strawberry, Heaven Berry & Tira Miss U.

The half dozen is for RM11.50... That is less than RM2 for a donut. :)

Not to say that it's the best but it's tasty and kinda addictive. You guys should give it a try.
You can find J.Co Donut & Coffee in Pyramid 2 and Pavilion KL (in Malaysia, of course).

The End


  1. cik Waney said...:

    hey my mom loves al caponne too!
    i can see my name up there!

  1. Unknown said...:

    hey waney, thanks for the recommendation :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    dem! my mom x suke..
    she said its too sweet
    sigh T_T
    eh.. where's my name? lol
    just kidd..

  1. saya mahu mooncracker..and chocoholic

  1. Unknown said...:

    afiqah: hehehe.. Some names have to be confidential due to jealousy of those who weren't there! HAHAHAH!

    Aizat: belanja la aku! :P