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Aizat AF5 has left the building...

The Story Begins....

A standing ovation by the audience in MBPJ Hall.
"A perfect 10!" Said Ogy Ahmad Daud
"I'm speechless," said Hattan

Itu adalah perkara-perkara yang kita boleh relate-kan dengan Aizat.
For this season of AF, I do think that Aizat has the powerful vocal compared to other male contestants.

I was very shocked that Aizat has eliminated from the show last week.

I've read other blogs and many of them are not satisfied with the final votes that night.
Some of them even said that it's good that he is out because people don't like his personality.
WHO CARES about personality?

If every Malaysians think this way, Malaysia can't produce any good singer like Jaclyn Victor.

In the previous Akademi Fantasia, many people don't like Farhan because she's also berlagak like Aizat. At least, she was nominated for BEST VOCAL IN AN ALBUM in AIM this year! Hahaha... Serve you right, people!

Aizat, you did very well waktu lagu Perpisahan and Ada...

Aku tak kisah kalau orang tak vote but I hate it when people think like TYPICAL MALAYSIAN!
Tengok bakat bukan personality!

I rest my case.

p/s: it's just my point of view. Malaysian made the right choice for the first 3 seasons.

The End.

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