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Holiday begin in PANGKOR!

The Story Begins...

The first thing that I thought when I look at this picture...

How should i describe Pangkor?
Beautiful, relaxing, and exciting!

Gosh! What am I saying?
That is so not me!!!

Adli Syahril. A clubber. Loud person. Loves busy cities. Loves the road congestion. Zara. Cinema and great parties!
Suddenly fell in love with Pangkor Island!

Thank you Pangkor. You made me feel relax!
After all those big assignments, those tough exams... WOW!
I did found peace in life during my visits in Pangkor.

Our tourist guide, Jibon & Atan, you guys did a very good job on entertaining us!
The snorkeling, boat trip, BBQ, Motorcycle ride, food by the sea... etc la!

I recommend you guys to go there!
Stay at Teluk Nipah!
The people there are very friendly!
Clubbing at Pasir Bogak (in Coral Bay Resort!)
Cheap bars!
Free POOL!
Nasi Goreng Pangkor!

More pictures will be upload soon in Multiply after aku collect the pictures from my friends.

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    hahah mmg best pangkor..last aku pegi form 5..hahaha :p so gambar katne?mcm biase di multiply anda ke?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    best giler siot...