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Local TV Series...

The Story Begins...

Since the semester break begin, there were 2 local TV series that captures my interest.
Emil Emilda and Manjalara on TV3.

Emil Emilda ditayangkan every week from Tuesday to Thursday in Samarinda punya slot on TV3. It's about Emilda (Sharifah Amani), a clerk, who works in Baseera Media Corporations trusted by the CEO, Tan Sri Baseera (Jalaluddin Hassan). Watak Emilda ni mmg geek giler la. Lurus bendul and a daydreamer. Tan Sri was mysteriously lost in the forest and now it's her responsible to handle the company. This TV series is a bit like Ugly Betty. Oh ya, good casting too! :)

The other current favorite TV series...

Ok. Manjalara ni adapted from the Latin soap-drama, MI GORDA BELLA. Way better and very Malaysian... :)
I heard that this series will be air up to 150 episodes in the Akasia slot in TV3. Cerita nie memang kelakar and best in the same time. :)
Great casting also... Ada Jue, Jihan, Abby, Raja Farah, Faizal Yusop and lots more.
Directed by the famous Khabir Bhatia..

Both series has a great theme song too..

Emil Emilda - Ingin Kumiliki (Dayang Nurfaizah)
Manjalara - Satu Harapan (Jaclyn Victor)

It's a series that everybody can't miss!

Watch it!

The End