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My Dare To Fail Story...

The story begins...
Hey there people... this is me, 'Adli Syahril, in hating exam!
I hate exams. Makes me feel that I'm stupid! hahahaha...

I was so tensed on the 1st exam. I couldn't think... I might think that i'm going to fail
I was f**ked up.

Thursday, I went to Mid Valley to watch the sequel for The Hills Have Eyes. For your information people, I love watching blood & gore movies such as Saw, Resident Evil, Hills Have Eyes and etc... ehhehe

Me, Aizat, Nisa and Pooya went to see the 1st episode when we were in 2nd semester. So we decided to watch the sequel together :) (how sweet friendship can be... hehehe)

At night, Faridah cam eover to my place at 11pm. We went to Maison together with amalyna and her cousin. We had a crazy night. There were so many "pengkid"s inside. I don't discriminate them but they were so irritating. They kept pushing me to let their girls climb the podium. There were quite many Malays at that night. Got back home around 5.15am after sending Amalyna at Batu Caves (she's studying at Unikop).

The next day, Afiqah called me. I was in SHOCKED!!!
She invite me to go clubbing with her at Maison on Labour Day.

Afiqah's history in clubbing scene
"Aku tak minat la bebenda camni."
"Aku tak suka tempat ramai orang."
Since she became an item, we hardly go out anymore.

She's planning to go on labour day because one of her friend is performing that night.

I've asked DJ WllyThKd for guestilist but he hasn't reply anything yet. Kalau tak dapat, tak pergi la kot.. ekeke... But this event is going to be awesome. Trance music + Didgeridoo = COOL!

I've been to the Jungle Jerry event with Dholi K playing the percussion. It was awesome. Thanks to Armin for the guestlist. =)

Exam + Clubbing = Pass or Fail?

Is there an answer to that question?

The End