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They left us... here...

The Story Begins...

Last Friday,
I received a phone call from my cousin, Lin.
She said, "Adli, atok dah meninggal!"
I was like "DAH MENINGGALLL???"
We were supposed to visit him on the next day because we couldn't make it the week before.

Lin visited him the week before he passed away.
She said that our atok couldn't speak, couldn't eat for 2 weeks.
Even the doctor tak dapat masuk air to his body.

So, kitorg tak dapat balik kampung on friday tuh jugak because i have my industrial visit to Astro for AC Di Sini and Azrina's farewell dekat Heritage Row. My father also working till late night.

Kitorg gerak on Saturday morning. Got back from the farewell party at 6am, and blah to Tapah at 7am.

Last night,
I received a call from my mum.
My grandmother pulak meninggal....
I was in kandang at that time with Isham, Israq, Fido, Zack, Fariza and Aini.
I almost cried because the night before, I talked to Ilya about death.
Iylia's dad just passed away, my great grandma passed away a month before, my friend's friend's grandpa just passed away too... and now? Two of my family member!
Tetiba jer aku teringat kat nenek aku from my father's side...
She's another person in my family which I respect the most.
Dia masuk hospital TWICE because she had her usus tersumbat.
Dia pakai bag to urine... and she had a very long operation for that...
Anis called the other day. She heard about it and it's possible for my grandma to have a colon cancer.

Hopefully that my grandma will recover soon...
Just have to pray for her.

Al-fatihah to those who has just passed away...

The End