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Tomorrow is my presentation! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

The story begins...

Tomorrow would be the day where I should present my current issue in Malaysia. I've chosen the case of Altantuya's murder. Today, I went to the National Library for my last preparation which I haven't got any newspaper article about the case. (Hehehe... I found a website that gave me full detail of the case...)

Everything's done... I just need to do a few touch ups... :)

Hey, Judge Jules replied my e-mail!! I was so happy to see him spin in Sunway Lagoon for the pre-New Year party!

Hi there Adli

Thanks very much for your mail. I hope I’m invited back to KL really soon, as I had a fantastic time. It was such an awesome event. I don’t believe I’ve got any further Malaysian bookings as we speak, but hopefully something should materialise before too long.

All the best,

Thanks Jules for replying my e-mail! You are awesome!!!