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I'm not a perfect person

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about my personal issue that I'm facing.
How to start...
Have you ever think that you want to this and you want to do that?
Let's take drawing as an example. I always wanted to draw beautiful pictures.
I want to try to be an artist but I can't... I couldn't even hold the pencil in the right way.
I really want to give it a shot... but I'm just not talented eventhough I have the passion.
People start to laugh back at me. For me being a loser...
Should I continue doing it? So that I could fulfill my passion? or just to let them laugh back at me?

People would think that Adli Syahril is a stupid person or maybe that some people didn't realize that they treat me stupidly? I can easily detect the mistakes in every conversation I have with my friends... Seriously, there are lots of it! They didn't realize it but I did... It hurts me so bad.
I know that I am not pious... but does it have to be a very big issue for you? I'm a bad person and I'm incapable of doing things... Yes, NOT PERFECT

Lots of people always sees me as a happy person and didn't care about the problem that I'm facing. Actually, I try to act happy so that I won't show my depress feelings and it hits back at me.
Again... and again

I am trying to be the best but I couldn't... I'm plainly not perfect.
Nobody even sees me at my best.
Even if they did, they'll found out soon... and they'll leave me.

Sorry... for not being perfect

The End.