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Why people hate to see me success?

The story begins...

Hi everyone!
For today's story, I'm going to express more on my feelings about my surroundings.
I have some friends who thinks that my success is like a big challenge for them.
And after they succeed it, they rub it to my face. It's like, "HEY YOU, I WIN! YOU LOSE!"

For example, someone call my number and simply to say... "Hey, we are almost reaching to the finish line! Where are you now?"
So I said, "Owh, I'm 15KM behind you... Still got a long way to go."
And that person said it to everyone there, "They are still far.. hahahhaha"

Gosh... Sometimes, I can lost my confidence to be a successful person. That's the reason why most people said that I'm being too nice to people until it killed me.
For your information, I don't give a damn now about you and your attitude!
I'm prefer to be label as a LOSER and NO LIFE!

Because that is what you want, right? Better life than mine...
Go ahead and leave me if you want to... Don't include me anymore!
I had migraine for few days because of that bloody assignment.
I'm not a crybaby, I'm not giving up.

Think you are cool enough? Go ahead and try me.
I don't care about your life, WANNABE!

The end.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    gue kepingin mau tau siapa yg dimaksudkan dalam post loe ini...