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BLOG THING: Upload your photo and win! Simple?

The Story Begins...

Oh yeah! It is simple.

Congratulations to Aaron Sim for winning the opportunity to party like a rockstar with Pop Shuvit! I guess he's already on board with the band to Japan. Haha! Congrats to ya.

... and I didn't win anything. *boo-hoo*

That did not stop me from winning other prizes offered by Xpax because the contest is still on. No worries, guys. You all can still win the weekly prizes such as XBox 360, Blackberry Storm (uuuuu!) or a limited edition Celcom Broadband MTV World Stage modem as well as be featured in the upcoming Xpax print ad or starter pack. (ehem!)

Wear'em fancy clothes and work on the pose cuz you might gonna be in the weekly top 15 best photo.

My photo and Ilya for the contest

OMG! Check me out in Junk Online.

"Resident party animal and music lover Adli Syahril has joined in the Got X, Got Friends fun as well! He might be just a 22-year-old accounting student (no way!), but he's super passionate about his music, his friends and his FUN. He's absolutely everywhere, and not a bad photog to boot. Don't believe us? Head over to his blog (www.adlisyahril.blogspot.com) and see for yourself. You can follow Adli on Twitter at @adlisyahril."

Nice... :)

What are you waiting for? Upload and win! Isn't that simple?

See you at http://xpax.com.my/gotxgotfriends/

The End


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