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AFTER PARTY: MTV World Stage @ Sunway Lagoon (15/8/2009)

The Story Begins...

It was AWE to the SOME! Rocking from 6pm to midnight with international big names which it's hard to assemble them here in one event.

I mean, tell me! Who could possibly bring Boys Like Girls, Pixie Lott, Raygun, Hoobastank, All-American Rejects and Kasabian for one event? Oh well, thanks to the existence of MTV!

Hell yeah! MTV World Stage was a total blast. Malaysians are lucky enough to witness the first MTV World Stage in South East Asia... and I am very lucky for getting the money-can't-buy ticket at the very last minute. ehhehe

I didn't get the chance to catch Boys Like Girls performance. I heard the set was as short as 4 songs. Urghhh... Wish I could turn back the time and be there early.

Raygun wasn't really my cup of tea. Same goes to Pixie Lott but her performance was good though! Hoobastank totally moved the crowd followed by All-American Rejects who made us went wilder than ever! I guess most of the people left the floor when Kasabian went onstage because we managed to move closer to the barrier. Boo to those who left early. Frankly, Kasabian got me high... I mean natural high... without any substance. hehe

All-American Rejects played few singles such as "Swing Swing" and "It Ends Tonight" with a number of songs from the latest album ("Gives You Hell", "I Wanna" and "The Wind Blows").

Kasabian was great! I'm not familiar with any of the songs besides "Fire" but I think they did a great performance (from the viewpoint of a non-fan like me).

I'm looking forward for All-American Rejects full-fledge concert! Yeahhhh!



The End