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AFTER PARTY: Dig-It-All @ Capsquare, KL (8/8/2009)

The Story Begins...

The first of its series, Dig-It-All was like an all sorts box of chocolates: every type of music lover you can imagine congregated under one, erm, sky for one of the most exciting live rock and dance music showcase the country has seen.

Tokyo Blue trio kicked the show off with their distinct instrumental sounds, a mix of adventurous bass, aggressive yet sensitive grand piano and solid rock drum beats, thrown together with some jazz, prog rock and Latin beats. Then our local artists and DJs put their collective foot on the gas on the main stage with music from Twilight Actiongirl, Yuna, Pesawat, Deserters, John Thomas Trio, The Times, Bunkface, Komplot, Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit and Hujan, before Diplomats of Drum hit the stage.

Music from the indoor arena, Red Square, started at 4pm, and showcased the best of local EDM such as Funkadelics, Transient Vortex, Funkie Junkie & DJ Yansi, Nicky C, RaySoo/Love International, LapSap, Victor G, Eclectic Bots, Labrtz, Foulworks and Nu-Tandique.

Goldfish rocked the stage alongside Terry T on the mic, painting the city skyline red with their electro beats, and they were followed by the return of CosmicSpaceMunkys. The squid-haired Reshmonu joined them on vocals for the live remix of 'Oh, Anok Anok' and 'The Way It Makes You Move', and the crowd went insane. And as if that wasn't hot enough, fire-eaters appeared in the middle of the crowd before the main headline act took hold of the stage: Dirty Vegas.

When the Grammy Award-winning Brits appeared onstage, the crowd began to rush forward and started dancing vigorously to the beats. The gifted Ben and Paul Harris (not related though) wowed the crowd with their powerful and energetic percussion, complemented by the remarkable vocals of Steve Smith. The band mashed their original songs with some popular sing-alongs such as Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' and Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'.

Then the man with the sexiest wife in the biz, Tocadisco, took charge of the stage and totally blew the crowd away with his infectious beats and basslines. The mood began to build up when he shouted, "Do you love house music?" Guess what the answer was. He almost literally tore up the dance floor, but caused some to go WTF by dropping the overplayed 'Day N Nite' by Kid Cudi. But it was all good.

Later, the international Dutch MC Vika Kova went onstage to do a song and introduce Mason to the crowd. Mason took the crowd on a journey, spinning his cutting-edge music with Vika Kova performing 'One More Time' and successfully tantalising the crowd. His electronic beats got the crowd going and cheering for the man. At 2am, Mason waved goodbye with MGMT's 'Kids'.

30 live acts and DJs comprising locals and internationals for RM78/RM88 with an exclusive limited edition Dig-It-All album compilation to walk home with was an outrageously good deal. Definitely worth digging into your wallet for.

Article taken from JunkOnline
Photos Courtesy of GWP Events Sdn. Bhd, Soundbox Sdn. Bhd and Wan Atif (Junk)