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AFTER PARTY: Clef Tunes #4 @ Cloth & Clef (24/7/2009)

The Story Begins...

Cloth & Clef and Indonesian denim label Pot Meets Pop tempted the boys and girls out to play with the July instalment of the monthly Clef Tunes And this time round, they were serving music exclusively from Bandung, Indonesia.

United By Haircuts banging it out hard on the stereo to kick off the night. They performed amazingly, with a good vocal combo by Aditya Surya and the man on bass, Fandy. You may remember Fandy as one part of Agrikulture that rocked out Sunburst ’09 so it’s not so much of a shocker to see him go crazy live. The frontman of United By Haircuts also went berserk by screaming and jumping off from the speakers. No question then that the standard had been set for the night. Shame that there weren’t more people watching.

The setup changed to make space for Electronic Groove’s (EGRV) live set. Few machines and two laptops occupied the whole table with wires everywhere. The duo of Lawrence and Ade Habibie mixed some electro with their original tunes throughout the set, but the transition was somehow a turn off at some parts. Still, the synths and beats were mighty enough that it didn’t stop the quarter-filled floor from grooving.

Halfway through the set, things went chaotic along Changkat Bukit Bintang when the cops arrived. Most of the pubs closed their doors to patrons, but turns out the cops were actually towing the illegally parked cars. After the momentary diversion, the party went back on inside.

The crowd who had stepped outside for the commotion rushed back inside to be electrified by the electro guru himself, ElectroFux. His mind-boggling live mixing caused spirits to soar and people to fill up the floor. Electro lovers couldn’t stop nodding their heads to the beat. The ones stood next to the speakers couldn’t have cared less about the health of their ear drums, for the sake of enjoying pure electro.

If there were any doubters before, there cannot be any now. Clef Tunes is definitely the event you need to hit up if you want some new regional music of the highest order.

The End