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WEBSITE: Musiqa Liberation Army (MQLA)

The Story Begins...

Hello everyone.
I haven't promote any website for a very long time already and now I'm planning to expand more information rather than sticking to big festivals, raves and concerts.

I believe most of the readers out there are super crazy for the Electronic Dance Music. Now let me introduce to you another party blog made from a Malaysian for the Asian! It's the Musiqa Liberation Army.

What can you find in the website?

First, of course you can get the updates of upcoming parties from this part of the world and reviews from the past events.

You may retrieve latest mix from the well-known hipster DJs from every corner of the earth. The Designer Drugs mix set in the blog is awesome!

Quoted from the blog author:

“ MQ.LA.” @ Musiq Asia Liberation Army is a group of like minded people
who I formed to build this blog.
This blog is named such a way coz i appreciated all their ideas & help as this blog is mainly dedicated to the armies who sincerely willing to give in their passion here.
The pinnacle of our passion is on one – to share our passion with others musically to open their eyes to the world !!!

We are not elites of any particular genre nor acts!!!!

“ Are you bored of commercial overplayed tunes ?”
“ Are you aware of what is happening in the dance scene outside Asia ?”
“Do you feel that you are left behind clouded by ignorance ?”

Join The Movement!
Be The Development!

The Liberation starts Here!!!!

Check'em out now!

Website: http://musiqaliberationarmy.blogspot.com