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AFTER PARTY: MISTIQAL presents Dirty South @ Mist KL (18/04/09)

The Story Begins...

Hey guys. Sorry for the late review on recent events. My laptop faced a major problem recently and this is my third time formatting within this month. I hate viruses!

Anyway, what went down at Dirty South's gig?

Two words, good music!

I love the set. The tracks were good. The club wasn't full as what I expected but it was just nice for the crowd to dance.

The night was warmed by Mr. Fluff or better known as Bo. Bouncy yet entertaining. As soon as Dirty South hit the deck, more crowd were pulled to the dance floor and he played some favorite tracks such as Open Your Heart, Let It Go and It's Too Late.

Cool stuff.

He was nominated for Best Remixed Recording for the Kaskade track titled "Sorry" at last year's Grammy but Benny Benassi won the award. This Australian DJ is currently under the spotlight and has been playing in lots of places in the globe.

I think it was a good moment when he played "Open Your Heart". The song is just beautiful and there is something about it which I can't describe.

Check out the live video of Dirty South playing Open Your Heart at Miami's WMC 2009.

The End