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BLOG THING: How to score free tickets for Knight Castle '09?

The Story Begins...

Hey guys! Guess what?
I've just discovered a website that gives YOU the chance to score some tickets for Knight Castle '09 which will be held in Bukit Tinggi, Berjaya Hills this April 25th!

Relax, party animals! I know you are eager to win it.

All you have to do is...

1. Log on to www.eatnplay.com.my

2. Register as a member

3. Leave a comment in the blog post "Knight Castle FREE tickets up for grabs!"

Simple as that? There's a catch! Make sure you are using a valid e-mail address so the admin can contact you and... the winners will be selected randomly!

Make sure your comment is in the spotlight, honey!

If you are planning to get the tickets at the cheaper price, you can buy 2 tickets and get another one for FREE! Isn't that a real deal?

I'm not responsible for the contest. Please refer to EatNPlay for more details. Thank you

Photo Source: EatNPlay
Info Source: EatNPlay

The End


  1. Mummy Liesya said...:

    Thanks adli 4 ur post..Keep it up,bro!!I'm so happy cos they're choose me one of 5 lucky winners.

    But do u know anything about Blogger online..(weekly blogger king/queen contest)..just wanna know why no announcement about dis..

  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi Ayda.

    Congratulations for winning the ticket!

    About the blogging contest, i think the organizer only notify the winner through e-mail address.

    Always remember to log in to my blog and EatNPlay, k? :)