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ADVANCE WARNING: Foulworks Independent Movement?

The Story Begins...

Psst! I have a story to tell...

A little bird told me that Foulworks Independent Movement will be frequently playing at Zouk KL!
Isn't that a good news?

YEAHHHH!!! The winner of Juice's Best New DJ 2008 is finally residing at Zouk!

This 26th Feb will be their first gig there, every alternate Thursdays (4Play night) at Barsonic, Zouk KL!

Do check out their gig at these following dates:

1. Crescendolls Night presents Mixing in Action, Foulworks & DJ An @ Cloth & Clef (25/2/2009)
2. Part of Bangin' Never Ends (PBNE) / 4Play @ Barsonic, Zouk KL (26/2/2009)

For more information, join their Facebook Group.

Be a part of the movement, soldiers!

The End