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BLOG THING: Sunburst 2009 line-up coming soon?

The Story Begins....

I've found something on Sunburst's forum. Someone posted a thread and the information he put got my attention. A very interesting one to share with everyone indeed... hehehhe...

Check out the statement:

people!!!!! i just found out that KORN is confirmed!!! i went to the the KLIUC just now. pineapple has a booth there. and among the confirmed ones are erykah badu, skye, 311 and korn. there are few other names for international acts.

i think it's part of their gimmicks. maybe they didn't think people would get really pissed off. like effing pissed off like i did.

and yeah u can still get the rm143 tix at KLIUC til this 19th of feb.

the promotion is like: buy 5 tix then u can choose a cd. if u buy 10 tix, u can choose a cd AND they'll try giving u backstage pass to see KORN!!!!!!

too bad ive bought 4 tix earlier...

one more thing, i found they're gonna have another press conference on the 23rd at celcom. i don't which celcom. but yeah, the guy said celcom.

seems to me all these ARE part of their gimmicks.

but yeah, prodigy and coldplay are still TBC-ed *sigh*

p/s: i feel like a paparazzi typing all these =p

I cannot confirm anything but please hold on to your tickets. Don't sell it yet because your dream of an awesome festival could come true :)



Check out this link for the latest update!

The End


  1. Haniki Niki said...:

    adlie. i'm going. nanti kita mosh sama sama tau.

  1. Unknown said...:

    alright! let's mosh together! :)