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Clubbing, Colbie Caillat & Sunburst

The Story Begins...

Tired! Lack of sleep!
Please god!
Help me...

*baru sekarang nak berdoa?*

here it is...

I went out clubbing with my party peeps at Maison after checking out Ruums.
Ruums is pretty boring during weekdays.
Unlike Maison, the best place to party every Thursday night; Urban Republic.

One of my friends brought a Japanese guy to join us.
I don't know whether it's because of Japanese people or it's just him.
He said that he doesn't know any of the songs that played that night.
That includes the Teriyaki Boys' Tokyo Drift!

My goodness!
Is he a retard?
He don't know Gwen Stefani, Sean Kingston...
Whenever everyone was shouting after one hit song played by another, he started to ask my friend, "Is this a famous song?"

We didn't stay to the end of the party because Maison was too pack!
Even the DJ's walkway (both sides of the balcony at the DJ console) became the dance podium for the ladies.
In other words, IT WAS FUCKING PACKED!
Malay crowd... Increased!
Met my seniors dancing on the podium. hahaha

We had our supper at Bangsar's Pelita.
Of course, my Q&A session with the foreigner.

Me: What do you think of Malaysia? Foreigner: Bad drivers Me: What about Malaysian clubs? Foreigner: Tokyo is better Foreigner: Malaysians don't do ganja? Me: Not in public
Funny thing!
He's looking forward for another party anytime soon.

A friend called me, "I have a Colbie Caillat ticket for you!"
Would you say no to see the hot Colbie Caillat?
I don't think so.

Her gig was fine.
Satisfying. Soothing. Relaxing.
It was a really good acoustic set.
Asil was there lining up at the front to get her autograph!
hahaha! groupie.

Colbie Caillat and her team

Colbie and a fan on stage

After her show,
Najib called and invited me to join Lah, Tasya & Aisyah for a midnight movie.
So, we saw The Spiderwick Chronicles.
Great movie.
Went back home... WITH A CAR SCRATCH!

9am: run to ipoh for my cousin's wedding

3pm: A nail found sticking on right front tyre.

3.15pm: changed the flat tyre.

3.30pm: run back to shah alam.


What a crazy move from me.

Sunburst was good.
Not great (like what Khaleq said)

Raul Midon's performance was really really good.
The Roots was awesome!
John Legend did great!
Incubus... okla.
I've seen them better back in 2004.

Staging, soundsystem, visual, lightings: World Class!

Met a lot of friends there. :D


Huge crowd

Raul Midon

Me & the rock lover, Azura!

The PJs

Long lost Sri Aman friend, Linda.

My favorite performance; The Roots

Fareezan & Matt. Me looking good with the Dolce & Gabbana spects!

Me & Arif. He played the Bass for Joe Flizzow's performance!

A lady with the fire eater!

Media buddies. They had the chance to interview Incubus.

Adda & Me

Yati! My crazy crew in my commitee

To Irshad, please let me borrow Jiha for one photo. hehehe

He is really good!

Cool stage huh?

Meet Acap... He appeared in one of the old Siti Sarah's video clip! hahahaha

Incubus! Brandon Boyd shouted "Anna Molly"

For more photos, please browse through my online photo album at http://adlisyahril.multiply.com

Guess who's coming to town soon?

11th April: Zouk's Royale presents SEAN KINGSTON "Beautiful Girls" World Tour


Celine Dion is too expensive. Sean Kingston should be a good alternative! hehehe

Don't forget, Tiesto is coming this May!
Ticket will be on sale.

The End


  1. Vin said...:

    OMG Colbie Caillat!!!
    Must have been awesome!

    Anyway, K Vin here.
    My old blog's gone.. stolen.. whatever. Aww.. New one's vinong.blogspot.com


  1. Unknown said...:

    thanks K Vin for dropping by at my blog. :D

    it's good to hear words from u.