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AFTER PARTY: DiGi Music Live pres. All-American Rejects @ Carpark A, Bukit Jalil Stadium (31/10/2009)

The Story Begins...

All-American Rejects second appearance was happening last week at Bukit Jalil and you could hardly see the show in the sea of people. Blerghhh... We still had a great time.

We got there around 8pm. It was raining, we couldn't find a spot to park our car but we enjoyed the wild night.

The show started with Disagree followed by Pop Shuvit. We missed Disagree's performance and first half of Pop Shuvit. The host, Natalie and Ean from Hitz.fm, announced Mooky from One Buck Short was hospitalized. The band still performed with Sam of Bunkface, Syahrul of Love Me Butch, Liyana of Estrella and Eddy of Gerhana Ska Cinta onstage singing everyone's favorite hits. It was cool to see different vocalist from different bands singing their songs.

We had to wait for almost an hour and there was no music (besides the Universal repeating promotional video that made us nauseous).

The All-American Rejects appeared right at 10pm. Tyson Ritter went onstage wearing the Red Indian headgear (I don't know what you call it..) putting the crowd in a frenzy with "Move Along" to kicked off the show.

I loved it when they played "My Paper Heart", "Real World" and the two encores ("The Wind Blows" and "Gives You Hell". It was just great to hear their old songs at the show.

Tyson Ritter was not as crazy as he was at MTV World Stage. He did a good interaction with the crowd but I don't think it was as great as what we've all seen at the World Stage... and I think the soundsystem was not good enough... or am I going deaf? haha!

Pics below!

Atiya and her friends

All-American Rejects on stage

Tyson Ritter - crazy as always

Me in my unusual concert outfit. Blerghh..

All-American Rejects performing Swing Swing.

Watch out for MC Asia party this November!

The End