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ADVANCE WARNING: M.C. Asia Music Factory - Behind the Music 2 @ The Royale Chulan KL (12/11/2009)

The Story Begins...

MC Asia is having its second workshop of its series. Let's say if you want to start your own music, you should come and get some advice from professional DJs.

You guys got to check this out!

M.C. Asia Music Factory - Behind the Music 2

The Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur

12th November 2009 (Thursday)
7pm - 10pm

BLASTIQUE and DJ Gabriel (the speakers)

Free entry! Everyone is invited.

Come to the workshop and learn the world of music production, DJing, and have a better understand about the local dance music industries with the speakers (Blastique and DJ Gabriel)

This is a great opportunity for music lovers to learn about the scene... and it is FREE!

Hey, MC Asia - The Beginning appreciation party is near! There will be musics from Marcel Woods, Marcus Schossow and DJ Preach. Grab your tickets now!

Check out the Facebook event for M.C. Asia Music Factory - Behind the Music 2!

More info on M.C. Asia, log onto visitmcasia.com

I'm going! What about you?

The End


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