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AFTER PARTY: Hujan - Mencari Konklusi Tour Finale @ KL Live (22/11/2009)

The Story Begins...

For a local concert-slash-gig production, I think Hujan's Mencari Konklusi Tour is the best by far with awesome venue and great crowd that complements the whole atmosphere... plus great music.

The show was opened by two local bands; The Dia and Couple, with Yasmin Hani on the emcee. We thought we were late but thank god, we only missed the first act. Couple was half-way through their set playing "C'mon Operator".

Thanks to a friend, he let us enter the VIP section and we've got ourselves the best view in the house!

Hujan was set to rock onstage around 4.30pm and it was very amazing. Their show was divided into two sessions which are the acoustic and electric with a memento video playing in between to show their appreciation to their fans and the journey throughout the tour. Pretty impressive, I must say.

Besides playing the usual set of songs, Hujan lived up the crowd by playing a cover of Kris Dayanti's "Mencintaimu". Surprisingly, indie crowds scream their lungs out to sing along with Noh. Isn't that ironic?

Loque of Butterfingers was brought to the stage by Noh to sing "Rantai Rasa Cinta" together with him. According to Noh, the song is Loque's favorite track. Like it or not, it is my most favorite Hujan track!

When Noh went onstage after the second video, he played "Ku Mahu Kau Tahu" solo and the moment got me close to tears. Very beautiful performance, it was!

Hujan played almost all tracks from the first and second album with some unreleased tracks such as "Lonely Soldier Boy" and an encore, "Ludah Amerika". They end it with a bang, man!

We bought the Mencari Konklusi CD and had our groupie moment. Hehehe. A great show with only RM20 for entry charge? Totally worth it.

Our tickets

Couple performing onstage

Check out the crowd!

Hujan rocking the house

Blurry close-up photo. My bad!

The meet-and-greet (more like a sign-and-move session to me)

Khaleeq & Naz with their autographed CD.

The End