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BLOG THING: New semester

The Story Begins...

Oh well...
As what you could see on the title post, the new semester has started and I am not fully prepared for this new adventure.


I don't think I can post as much as I usually does because I don't have any Internet connection in my new crib (hehehhe... I'm staying with a bunch of strangers in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam)

Hopefully my Celcom Broadband would work perfectly there... Believe me, you could not get through any phone line if you are staying anywhere nearby UiTM.

Anywayssss... Wish me luck.

P/s: I want to go for Armin van Buuren's gig in Zouk KL this weekend. Who else is going? Cuz I might be going there ALONE. hehehehe :P

The End


  1. RiRa said...:

    i wanna go..tak puas cuti.damn.

  1. Fuzz said...:

    Pricey crazy. Wanted to go. Got the card n all. Free entry. But only me n dhaima.

    Why dun u save up for 7aste event. go check their site.

    First 7 registered members with 8 friends get 1 btl chivas.

    im lookin for 8. join us la.