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BLOG THING: Chemical Brothers to KL?

The Story Begins...

A little bird told me (apparently the little bird is Junk Online)...

that the Chemical Brothers are planning to set their foot in KL for a show!
I don't know how far is the truth. In fact, we all don't know how far is the truth cuz to me, it is quite impossible to have them here... It's like we all want Daft Punk or Justice but pfffttt... Tough call, my dear.

Well, here is the statement taken from the website:
" WE CAN'T REVEAL WHO we heard is coming to KL for a show but let's just say that if you're into "block rockin' beats", there's a hot international duo rumoured to possibly "galvanize" the whole concert scene in Malaysia. If everything goes well, we could soon be dancing to oblivion to these big beat gurus who, rest assured, will lead us to "the golden path" of total elation. If you miss this upcoming show, you'll have to "dig your own hole"...

Er, can you guess who we're talking about? =P"

DUUHHHHH, you guys are giving a very goddamn clear view of the duo! wohooooo!


*crossing fingers*

Let's just wish that it will come true.

I want them to come here with the 3D visuals like the one they did at Trafalgar Square.

Check out the live video of one of my favorite Chemical Brothers track; Das Spiegel (from the We Are the Night album)

The End