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AFTER PARTY: Red Sessions pres. Armin van Buuren @ Zouk KL (

The Story Begins...

What a great night!

It was my first Armin experience and he totally rocked the house!

How do I describe Armin's set last night?

One word, "BEAUTIFUL!"

Thank god that I came early because the door staff closed the entry for public before it was 10.30pm.

Track after track. He did played lots of good tracks such as Unforgivable, In & Out of Love, Made of Love, Man on the Run and everyone's favorite, Going Wrong, and a classic track, Burned With Desire.

At the beginning of his set, he played my personal favorite, "Cygnes" by Mr. Sam feat. Claud9

He end his track at 3am but hundreds were craving for more! Come on! It was not even a 4 hours set! hahahah!

Armin appeared around 11.30-ish, ok!

So, he did 2 tracks for encore... My personal favorite "Human" by The Killers, remixed by the man himself. Armin closed the night with Oceanlab's Sirens of the Sea and made everyone sang along with that track.


I think RM120 for a club event is too pricey! Like Marlz said to me, "I would not pay RM100 for a club event unless it is an outdoor party."

A big thanks to Josh Lim for allocating free entries to party bloggers like me!

Check out the photos!

Wild crowd!

Armin looked at my camera!

Music lovers!

Flying souls

The Armin's wing

Danny managed to get in eventhough the entry was closed.

Who the hell behind us?

"Belajar rajin-rajin. Finish degree, apply work with me!" Thanks :)

Massive crowd!

Bad and his "Imagine" wallpaper

Almost every party we bumped into each other.

Nice people who loves the music.

I don't know how this photo got in my camera! hahahah! Luq's ass!

Armin, thanks for the good set!

For more photos, click here

I wanna say kudos to Red Sessions and Zouk KL for their effort to bring such big international acts to our shores but please reconsider the cover charge.

Read more stories on Malaysian club cover charge story at CoolerClubbers page. I love to read their critical issue about nightlife.

Adli Syahril says: Catch Johan Gielen at Maison! Maison always bring in the best quality DJ to town! :-)

The End


  1. Fuzz said...:

    AVB is THE KING!!!

    Thanks for the post linkup man.

    Part 2 out already.

    See you soon.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    up Maison nmpak!

  1. Unknown said...:

    isn't that what they always do?


  1. SuperSonic said...:

    Good Blog foor party people...8star out of 10..Good Job Adly

  1. SuperSonic said...:

    Good Blog faor party people.Good Job!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hey bro...i wanna find the song version of Man On The Run by Armin on tat night in zouk...can u tell me where can dl it ??? thx dude...