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AFTER PARTY: U.O.X. Play Electric @ Zouk KL (17/01/2009)

The Story Begins...

Another U.O.X. event series was held last night at Zouk KL and it was crazy.
Entering the mainroom was a hassle. The doorstaff had to limit the entry due to the limited capacity but the wrist-tags were given to almost everyone who entered the Zouk area. WTF?

In the name of Lapsap, we wouldn't mind to queue! :)

We missed Twilight Actiongirl *booohoooo*

but we managed to enter right after the Lapsap duo took over the deck. Yeah!

The jumping up and down to the Crookers remix of Thunderstruck...
The fist pumping to Digitalism's Pogo...
The wild crowd when the beat of Frederico Franchi's Cream was dropped...

Oh well, you know Lapsap just love to create mayhem. Hehehehe

Thank you to those who came by and say hi to me. You guys rock! :)

Check out some of the photos.

We partied wildly last night and could not get our feet on the ground after the party ended.

The End