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Switchfoot's Concert @ KL Convention Centre

The Story Begins...

2 hours before the concert, a friend sent me an SMS... "Bro, I'm not going..."
I was like... "WHAT?!"
I know you are reading this.
Dude, you suck! The concert was amazing!
We were at the front row! hahaha.

I reached KLCC at 6.30pm.
Jumpa ngan Fareezan.
Let me quote a word from him. "Don't party alone!"

He came with his friends and I joined them.
Love Me Butch sang 4 songs, Altered Frequency did 4 songs too.
Roughly around 8pm, Switchfoot came on stage!
Everybody gone woo-hoo crazy.

They started off with Oh! Gravity followed by Stars.

Famous tunes such as Awakening (my favorite track from the new album), American Dream, Dirty Second Hands, We Are One Tonight, Oh! Gravity, Stars, On Fire, Gone. I think they sang around 16 songs that night.

They did a bit of Beyonce's Crazy In Love to fit in with Gone. Amazing!
After they played Meant To Live, they walked off the stage and made the crowd shouted "WE WANT MORE!"
Jon came back on stage with the "I HEART KL" t-shirt. The crowd went more crazy as Jon played Dare You To Move as encore with his guitar strumming introduction.

It was an awesome rocking night!


Next stop... Sunburst KL Music Festival!!! Ermmm... I would like to go for Explosions In The Sky but I'm waiting for money to drop from the sky first! But maybe I'm not going for it. No kaki la beb :(

The End


  1. Fazrimi said...:

    I dont know who you are..
    but Switchfoot was yadishly redicklish awesome... They ROCK KL at that night...
    Wish that the continued...
    aight bro...

  1. u...aku nak g sunburst..

    adli gembira amik pic bersama kakak nye!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    rock on!!..hehe terharu ade org quote ayat aku...eheheh

  1. Unknown said...:

    Faisal: Hey, the night was awesome!

    Aizat: Yeah, let's go for Sunburst! Aku dah beli ticket!

    Fareez: hehehe. you rock the socks off! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    sial je...
    u suck too...
    aku perlu wang, dan keadaan tidak mengizinkan tika itu kerna aku berurusan....
    Sunburst pun mencari tiket free ni, kalau x jual bontot la gayanye...