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The Story Begins...

Alrite... Someone has leaked the info that I was told by a friend.

"as u guys know...i always love to be the inside man...before it even goes to press...

here goes..evrything is done very very early this year regarding on rave parties...

Malaysian Tourism Board ade approve few Rave parties here and there, so it'll be a lot...one of it is Salem Rave party, which if this comfirms, u'll see me around more, around the states...

and the big one... Tiesto comeback..this time is at PD, and the best part is...its a 2 days thing...its happenin around May or later though, not an F1 thing...talking about ur legs getting chopped off Grin Grin Grin

Peace out yo..and now u guys muc belanja me makan for this news.."

Yes guys. It's true! Tiesto is coming here again this year! :D
I don't think it's the Elements Of Life tour but hearing 2 nights of party is fucking massive!

I don't care if nobody is joining me.
I hope it will be held at the same venue as the Recharge R3velation (R3).

I know more info about this event but I can't reveal it at the moment. Let's just wait for more words! :D

I'm dying to hear his remixes of Radiohead, Justin Timberlake, Imogen Heap... oh gawd!!

The End