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The diva is coming to Malaysia! No, it's not Amy Winehouse

The Story Begins...

So many live shows, so little money.
Quoted from the latest issue of KLue magazine.

It's true. Last year wasn't as crazy as this.
The first quarter for 2007 was Akon, Muse & Good Charlotte.

This year's first quarter is Switchfoot, Explosions in the Sky, Backstreet Boys, Incubus, John Legend, The Roots and don't forget... the diva is coming to Malaysia.

She sang for the soundtrack of the Oscar's best film, Titanic.
She was one of the performer for VH1 Diva's Live.
None other than Celine Dion.

The idol of Siti Nurhaliza; Celine Dion will be doing a concert here this 8th April 2008 at Stadium Merdeka.

This is big!
This concert has been confirmed since last year.
Even the Malaysia date is inside the Wikipedia!

Funny, ey?

Guess how much is the ticket price...
No.. this is not Muse where you can get as low as RM30 for the top tier after discount.
What? Can't go above Whitney's RM260?
Free show? You think this is M2M doing album promo?

Here are the list of ticket prices...
Take a deep breath, you ballad worshipers!

1. RM988 (Numbered seating)
2. RM688 (Numbered seating)
3. RM488 (Numbered seating)
4. RM288 (Free seating)
5. RM138 (Free seating)

the prices are inclusive of RM3 of processing fee.

These prices are taken from a forum. Please wait for the official black & white from the organizer (Galaxy) cuz it's the full information is not out yet.

Which one would you rather pay?
A grand for F1 ticket with RM50 parking... or almost a grand for Celine Dion?

I'll choose Tiesto over F1 & Celine Dion! hahahaha!

for more info on Celine Dion's concert, browse through www.axcess.com.my

The End