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More updates of Tiesto's 2 Days Off!

The Story Begins...

Previously, I have posted about Tiesto's big comeback this May and I have received lots of feedback through e-mail and comments.

Now let me add more info here in my blog which might be useful for everyone of us! :)

This one is taken from Tiesto's website... IT'S NOT THE OFFICIAL POSTER!

I'm a Tiesto freak and I did a screen capture of it!

See that? He's not stopping in Singapore! To all the Singaporeans, do come to Malaysia for it!

Words from the people who organize the event (Taken from MASH forum) :

"its at the same location as Revelation 2005. Ferry Corsten is also confirmed for the 1st night (friday) and Cosmic Gate on the 2nd Nght (Sat). Watch this space for more updates, will send the artwork to Celt once its ready. its a 2 day event. Starts in the afternoon, ends early in the pagi for both nights. Save up for the event guys, better go for 2 days than just one night la...."

Highlight! FERRY CORSTEN for the FIRST NIGHT (FRIDAY) and COSMIC GATE on the SECOND NIGHT (SATURDAY). Same location as Revelation 2005... that means ADMIRAL MARINA

"So far confirmed signed acts are Tiesto , Ferry and Cosmic. Whether got vocalist or not, need some time to confirm. Location Admiral Marina is Confirmed Confirmed Confirmed. Save up those Ang Pow money for this 2 days of tangkap giler"

After that, Celt (Gracie) told me that they are considering one vocalist. I don't know who... Maybe BT? Christian Burns of BBMak? or it could be JES again since she said Malaysian crowds are awesome.

"The organizers are Scenique Productions (M) Sdn Bhd. The same company who brought Tiesto down for that fantastic event in Sepang. And also the same company who recently brought Gwen Stefani to KL so you can be sure of Quality."

Read that! Shortage of booze like his previous event? I don't think so...

Be patient, everyone!
More info will be release soon.

More parties in town:
1. Roger Sanchez @ Zouk (14th March)
2. Speedzone Tour 2008 @ KL Tower (22nd March)
3. Tom Middleton @ Zouk (29th March)

Let's watch the clip of Tiesto's F1 PitParty in Sepang, 2006 (recorded by me) to increase your temptation! hahaha!

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    yeay gossip girl retun but in April..huhuhu :(

  1. Anonymous said...:

    really informative..
    cant wait to have the tix..

  1. Unknown said...:

    patience! :D
    2 more months to go! hehehe