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Dance4Life Foundation

The Story Begins...

Hello everybody.
I'm pretty sure that most of us (in Malaysia) are not aware of Dance4Life foundation.

Let me quote the info from wiki:

"Dance4Life is an initiative originating in the Netherlands designed to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in secondary school-aged youth. The initiative aims to have one million participants dancing for AIDS awareness world-wide on World AIDS Day 2012."

Since May 2006, Tiesto has become the worldwide official ambassador for Dance4Life foundation. He recorded the official track titled also "Dance4Life" with Maxi Jazz of Faithless and the track has reached top spots in song charts across Europe for 5 weeks.

This foundation has existed long time ago but I think it's not too late to promote this foundation since "the big act" is coming to town

Not only singers & bands can do charity work. Tiesto, a DJ, is doing it too.

Please spend some time to watch the public service advertisement of the foundation.

Pretty catchy tune, right?

Here's the live video of Dance4Life on his Elements of Life closing tour in Mexico. He promoted the foundation in his tours.

"Together we can start dancing, stop Aids" - Dance4Life

"HIV Aids is lethal" - Maxi Jazz

Don't miss Tiesto: 2 Days Off this May 9th in Admiral Marina, Port Dickson.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just drop by to say thanks for your support on klubbers.net and thanks for the effort in promoting nightlife entertainment in this country.


  1. Unknown said...:

    Hi lee...
    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I love the nightlife scene in Malaysia!

    long live klubbers.net