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The Story Begins...

I am no longer in the group.
And yes, it's true that we don't share the same story anymore.
I am so left out now.
I won't forget you guys.

It's like the song Tiesto - In The Dark.

" When it seems
Like the world around you's breaking
And it feels
Like there's no one else around you
And it's quiet
There's a silence in the darkness
And it sounds
Like the carnival is over

As you walk
In the crowded empty spaces
And you stare
At the emptiness around you
You wanna go
To the city and the bright lights
Get away
From the sinners that surround you"

There are reasons for things that happen...

last night's IndepenDance was totally awesome!
Great musics from House to Electro to Progressive!
Lapsap did a great job on giving us great "rubbish" (maksudnya great shit la!)
Familiar tracks such as Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up, Chemical Brother's Do It Again, and Armand Van Helden's NYC Beat were played last night!

We spent our time mostly at the indoor section cuz it was happening!
Jungle Jerry played outdoor. Great tracks but the organizer had to stop the outdoor due to some reasons... (i think!)
Everybody went in during Kenny K spin his shit.

One of my friend took the *cough*cough*
his body was shivering and he drag me all over PICC to talk to him.
He took half of it and he can't stop bitching about him.

He has a group and all of them hating me during school!
Last night was our first time talking.
Maybe because he was on drugs... HAHAHAH!
Gosh, I am hated by everyone!

Wan Hop just learned how to shuffle at the rave last night.
Guess what?
He kept asking us to battle with him!
*what a poseur*
hehehhee... no offense, wan! :P
It was fun having him with us... :)

Owh ya, I hang with Khaleeq Sarfaraz, Wan Hop, Azreena (his date who ended up to be my friend's ex-gf! And she's from Alam Megah too), Faridah, Amalina, Moon (Amalina's friend), Fathi, Fahmi (Fathi's brother), Chip and Apit (I think that's his name. Chip's friend and also Fathi's friend! What a small world!).

Alrite... Back in the dark, tomorrow I'll be spending time doing some assignments!

The End