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In the mood for Hujan.

The Story Begins...

I am currently listening to Hujan's EP.... A song called Rantai Rasa Cinta. My favorite. :-)

Let's start with my crap!

Thank God!
Encik Nik's assignment on News Capsule is finally done!
We did present it in class and nahhh... Fuck those criticize!
I'M DONE! We love our assignments! Others love it too!
What do you care anyway? hahahah!

Hmmm... I just wanna say that I'm so proud of "you".
I think we are bonding again.
Maybe someone has told you about your flaws and VOILA!
I was so shock. "You" talked to me the other day, "you" helped me... in a humble way. :)

Last week...
Friday night, me and Khaleeq went to the KL International Tattoo Show. What can I say about it? The so-called "One Spectacular Event" wasn't that spectacular as it was supposed to be. When I was 5 years old, me and my dad with his friend went to see the show. It was even better. When I was 14, my dad brought me to the show... IT WAS GREAT but this year is a bit flop. Maybe it's because this year's show presenting 13 countries including Malaysia. So, they were only focusing on marching bands. Anyway, thanks to Fazlin Ramli (my cousin) for giving me the free grand stand tickets. Brunei performed awesomely that night :)

Owh, the next day.
Me, Tasha, Lah, Khaleeq, Amal, Najib and Israq, we went to Genting Highlands together for Anugerah ERA 07. The event was held in the Arena Of Stars (DUH!).
We were the Feratiks for the award show. It is exactly like the mosh pit in MTV Video Music Awards. Thanks to them, we got ourselves free accomodation! hahaha... Aku siap jumpa nisa lagik kat situ :)

The Fasting Month!
Alrite Adli, no more party!
Puasa time! Collect your good deeds! hahaha
No more big nights!
Yesterday, me and my school friends, we went to Ikea to "breaking fast" (berbuka puasa). the food was good. :)
Not to forget, CHEAP! hahaha... We should do this more often... To khaleeq: I mean buka puasa! Not "this". hahahha

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    sial je...
    aku tau la wat u r talking about...
    bulan puase ni marilah kita beramal-ibadat... :)