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The Story Begins...

this is what I can sense from my surroundings.
People seem to start hating me because of my social life.
Do you think I'm having a social problem?
I don't think so.
As long as I know where is my limit.
I love the DJs.
Going to a rave is like going to a concert!
Experience it! Don't make such conclusions if you don't know about rave!

Adli budak rosak!
I know how to think smart compared to you busybodies!
My parents allow me to go... Why must you bother?
Maybe you would say my parents are stupid for allowing me to do such things
but whatever!
My parents rocks!

Happy Independance Day, Malaysia!
After 50 years of independence, we are now a full develop country compared to Ghana eventhough they gain their independence few months earlier than us.

MY Nation party @ Sunway Lagoon last night was awesome!
Phynn and Drum Connection was great!
Drum Connection came on stage with 4 percussionist playing live sets of drums & percussion while Phynn spinning great sets on the DJ console.
The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up & Marco V's False Light was great with the live percussions!
Cosmic Gate was a bit disappointing. They did a remix of Should Have Known. It was weird.
Thrillseekers was great! Very uplifting!
The staging was good... 2 big screens at the side of the stage, 3 big balloons behind the stage which displays the audio visual too! DJ set consoles was higher compared to Velocity's. 4 drums in front of the set consoles. And lastly, there were 2 flames behind the bars. The smoke was great! You can't see a thing when the smoke comes out. So I just dance all the way like nobody's there! hahahaha...

Malam Akustika @ Mass Comm's Faculty in Puncak Perdana was totally awesome!
Street Horn Syndicate was off the hook!
They were great!
URghhhhh!!! Thanks to Ahmad for pulling me to the front and made me a fool by dancing in front of a big crowd. I pulled Paul too. Later on, Ahmad, Israq, Hazi, Aizat and lots more dancing with me! Oh my god! It was great eventhough I felt a bit scared for exposing myself as a party people there... Well, you know, the perception of malays towards dancing and social thingy especially in UiTM. OMG.

Tonight, another party!!!
IndepenDANCE in Putrajaya!
I don't know whether it will be good or not...
Because it clashes with Paul Van Dyk in Zouk and Timothy Raw in Maison.
Arghhhhh! I prefer outdoor parties!


The End