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Tracking Treasure Down

The Story Begins...

Yes, one of the hit songs in clubs...
Gabriel & Dresden did a remix of it with Molly Bancroft on vocal.
G&D came for MotoGP's Speedzone Tour last year in Sepang alongside with Blank & Jones and Mistress Barbara.

Guess what?
I won't make it to the MotoGP's Speedzone Tour this year because it's restricted to 21 years old and above.
Yes, club rules applied!
Because it's in Zouk.
Speedzone should be outdoor! Not indoor!

Now i'll be missing Seb Fontaine, Matt Darey, Gareth Emery& Princess Superstar. :(

Not to worry people, Recharge Revelation5: Global Gathering is near.

Now I'm having trouble with dozens of my big assignment project. FUCK!

The End