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Love Parade: The Biggest RAVE Event in the WHOLE WORLD!

The Story Begins...

The Love Parade is a popular festival and parade that originated in 1989 in Berlin, Germany, and has now spread throughout the world. Past Love Parades have occurred in Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Acapulco, Vienna, Cape Town, San Francisco, Leeds, Sydney and Santiago.

The History

The Love Parade has its roots in the spirit of a changing Europe. In 1989, it was first celebrated 4 months before the demolition of the Berlin Wall. It was started by the fresh Berlin Underground under the initiative of Matthias Roeingh aka "Dr. Motte". It was held as a political demonstration for peace and international understanding through music.

Many people from Germany, Poland, and other countries travel to Berlin to take part in the Parade — over a million attended in the years 1997 through 2000 and 800,000 in 2001. Attendance at the 2001 festival was significantly lower because the date of the parade was changed with little advance notice. 2002 and 2003 also saw lower figures, and in 2004 and 2005 the parade was canceled due to funding difficulties. In 2006, the parade made a comeback with the help of German exercise studio McFit. The parade saw its highest attendance in over 9 years.

The first Love Parade was held in Berlin in the year 1989 with 15o participants only.
The largest attendees was in 1999 (Berlin also) with 1.5 Million people.
The recent Love Parade (2007) in Essen with 1.2 Million participants.

Love Parade was featured in the movie "Chasing Liberty" starring Mandy Moore. I was exposed to Love Parade since that movie... :P

Here is the video of last year's Love Parade theme song.
Westbam - United States of Love.

The End


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