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UV Nation @ One Utama

The Story Begins...

DJ Desire, Benny Benassi, Bass Agents & Scot Project rock us out with great tunes & beats!
I've got there dalam lebih kurang pukul 9pm. DJ Desire tengah spin time tuh...

Exactly 11pm, Benny Benassi came on stage! OMG, the crowd was crazy and it was damn packed!
Anis plak pergi carik Asari (my junior / her brother) because we found a ticket dekat tempat nak beratur masuk and she wanted to give it to her brother.

Benny deliver us great set with familiar tunes... Love Is Gonna Save Us, Who's Your Daddy, Satisfaction, Red Hot Chili Pepper's Otherside Remix, and end his beat with Coldplay's Fix You Remix...

1am, after Benny Benassi. Bass Agents (also known as Baxx) came on stage and give us harder tunes compared to Benassi's (He is more to electronica, tech trance & progressive)... But I missed the first half hour of their (Bass Agents: Xt-acid & Didjital) tunes because we were very thirsty and looking for other friends... :P

2am, Scot Project came on stage pulak! His tunes best giler babi!!! He made a remix of Tiesto's Flight 643 to harder sound! If there is an award for the best performer that night, I would give it to Scot Project! I really really love his hardhouse beats... He has his own style like Yoji Biomehanika. Very original! :-)

Unfotunately, the event ended at 3am with a sudden ending by Frank Zenker (Scot Project) himself... :(
There was no proper ending tune from him... The beat was so good and suddenly Joey G announced, "Thank you for coming to UV Nation."
Everybody was like "WHAT???" and shouted for more!

Overall, the party was great! The crowd also great! The ambience, wall-to-wall projection, lightings, sound system... great! Kudos to EMI Entertainment for organizing such a great event!
Cheap drinks too...

Here are some pictures of the event!

DJ Desire on stage! Her remix of Tiesto's Dance4Life & Bob Sinclair's World Hold On memang best nak mati!

Everybody loves her beat!

The robo-dancer dancing throughout her beat!

The brass band coming through... :-)

More of them coming! They played bag pipe, kompang, and drums!

We were separated by the band!

Benny came on stage! DJ Desire helping him out when he had problems with the console!

The packed crowd during Benassi's set.

Happy people at the party! Anis & Juli

Party people... Me, Anis, Juli and Faris menyampok di belakang...


Me, Anis, Juli, Zack & Khaleq.

Me, Amalyna & Faridah..

Me & Aiman sasauness!

Didjital & Xt-acid of Bass Agents served us great tunes!

the lights & sounds... the blue UV light!

Udin, Faridah & me...

Me and Azhar.

Adli and Faridah.

Great lightings!

Frank Zenker of Scot Project is the BOMB!!!!

DJs on stage!

Us raving the spot!

Zack with his stoopid face! ahhahaah...

Frank with his sets and the green laser!

Everybody cheered for the DJ!

Khaleq, me and Faris... Look at Zack! Feeling Scot Project! ahhahah


Guess who viewed my pictures of UV Nation in MULTIPLY?

Ababil666 (Asri, my cousin) , Winkris (Christina, friend of the Bass Agents), Socool43 (a model from Philippines) and... XT-ACID OF BASS AGENTS??? COOL!!! hahahah... Thank you Xt-Acid :)

According to Superbaby (my contact friend in Multiply), the Malaysia Book Of Records has already approved that UV Nation party is the "Biggest Rooftop Party in Malaysia" with 18,000 party people!

What makes the event is different compared to others?

The wall projection of audio visualization.

Look at the ceiling... The florescent light has transformed into the UV light. If you are wearing white, your shirt will glow in the dark! You can see the guy with a blue-ish shadow... You won't see the effect if you are taking pictures with flash... Even the glowstick will glow more... See that guy doing the hellicopter leg! :)

The robo-dancer with the UV light on his back.

Kudos to EMI Entertainment for making this event happening! Bass Agents, DJ Desire, Benny Benassi and Scot Project... YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!

The last 3 pictures is courtesy from Superbaby's Multiply.

The End