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My last "teen" blog....

The Story Begins...

So you have read my blog title...
My LAST "teen" blog.

It means I'll be turning to 20 tomorrow.
No more the word "teen" in my age anymore.

Alhamdulillah. I have captured lots of great memories in my mind.
My dad used to challenged me to have great memories to tell my kids when I become a dad. :)
The challenge was accepted.

I have moved to few places before living in Shah Alam. First, PJ, my grandparents' house. Second, Kampung Kerinchi. Third, Shah Alam. Fourth, Pantai Dalam. Fifth, Pantai Baru. Sixth, here I am, Shah Alam. Best neighborhood to live in is Pantai Baru. Accessible to going places. LRT Kerinchi was exactly right behind my house. Tuition centre in Bangsar. Weekend to KLCC for movie and also Jalan TAR for nice Pasar Malam on Saturdays :-)

6 years old, Taski Abim Damansara in UIA, PJ (when I stayed in Pantai Dalam). SRK Taman Sea in Petaling Jaya (Pantai Dalam. Standard 6 in Pantai Baru). SMK Taman Sea in Petaling Jaya also from form 1 to form 3 (Pantai Baru until form 2. Shah Alam from form 3). SMK Alam Megah from form 4 to form 5 (of course, in Shah Alam). I had a horrible year when I was in form 4... Of course, being a new guy is not easy but my tactics worked and I gain my popularity in form 5. The best year in school would be in form 2 and form 5 because I had a great fun! I hate to be the popular person because I'm an ALL-AMERICAN KID. I mixed with everyone :)

After school
My parents never had a faith in my studies. They told me to survey private colleges since they know I'm incapable in my studies.. hehehe... I never did my homework, I didn't touch a single book but... I was lucky... In fact, I am a lucky person :)
So, I'd go to further my studies in UiTM... Doing the thing that I really wanted to do since school!

My ambition
I wanted to be a lawyer like my aunt when I was still in the kindergarten. Wanted to be involved in the IT sector when I was in form 1 (because my aunt took law in Oxford but ended up in other industry). Form 4, me and few of my friends planned to take Mass Communication. Now here I am... Third year Mass Communication in UiTM.

I have great friends :)
PJ friends - Azhar and Azim since kindergarten, Anis and Firdaus since primary school, Juli and Syafiq since secondary (Taman Sea), and, Hafiz, Lah, Fad, Azhar, Abe, Abu, Yus, Syazwan, Nano, Afiqah, Wani and Aisyah since ALAM MEGAH! :)
College friends... of course everyone :)

Party days
Miss the old days where R&B don't stop till dawn in PJ with Azrina & Niesa. :)
Now, the party is fun too with the Party Society.

What will I miss during my "teen"age life?
1. Flick
2. Movie every weekend in KLCC
3. Underage clubbing
4. Bowling after school
5. Gigs
6. School's battle of the band
7. friends :(
8. Too Phat shows aroundtown
9. Sleepovers
10. High phone bills

Sometimes I wish to be 18 and stay 18 forever.
I miss those days.

First time to KLCC in 2000
First time to KLIA in 2000
First time to Merdeka eve in 2000
First time to New Year eve in 2000

First time to gig in 2001
First time to Rock The World in 2001
First time to drink in 2001 (confession here!)
First time to "flick" in 2001 (another confession!)

First time to smoke in 2002
First time to club in 2002
First time to climb the school gate at noon in 2002
First time to "flick" with big group in 2002

First time to CULTURE SHOCK in 2003
First time to Summit USJ in 2003
First time to be a loser in 2003
First time to be away from the city... 2003 (OH MY GOD, i'm about to cry)
First time to ride the bus to KL in 2003

Nothing much in 2004
Incubus concert and Gareth gates :)

thank you everyone for giving me great memories :)
PJ, KL, Alam Megah, UiTM... everyone was great!

I won't forget everything that we have done together.
My parents, you guys are the reason for me to live.

I'm 20 now.
It's time to be different

The End