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Recharge Revelation 5: Global Gathering Malaysia UPDATES!

The Story Begins...

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls...
Recharge Revelation 5: Global Gathering, A'Famosa Melaka, 27th October 2007. 40 DJs. 6 arenas.

The festival release special will be aired on Channel [V]'s Popparazzi on the August 2nd, 2007. Thursday, 6PM.

So people, MAX IT! hahaha...

Ok, here are the possible DJs that are going to spin that night.
As for locals...
Bass Agents, Blink, Terence C, Fono, Goldfish, Stylustiks, Burger, Afen, Raysoo etc (others are still pending)

I was informed that the organizer (Pervert Design) has already booked few international DJs such as Johan Gielen, Marcel Woods, Sander Kleinenberg, Plump Djs, Ladytron, Sasha & Digweed (still pending)...

Just watch Channel [V] this August and the organizer will announce the full line-up of the DJ. As they have the Rock arena, we will see who are the bands gonna make their way to GG. Nine Inch Nails and Avenged Sevenfold has performed at one of the previous Global Gathering

Congratulations to DJ Blink for having the chance to spin at Global Gathering in UK next month.

In Juice's blog has said that RR5: GG will be having a roller skating ring. I think it's one of the arena also... hehee... They had ferris wheel for Rev3lation, vortex for revel4tion... this time a skating ring.. cool! Get drunk and fall off the ring! hhahaha...

Ye lah kot because in the e-flyer only said Dance, Hip hop, Electronica, Rock & Retro... What's the last one? skating ring kot.. hehehhe.. :P

Wait for more updates!

The End


  1. Anonymous said...:

    can u tell me when is the next recharge party? i'm dying to go cause i missed the 2007 one... my email angelheart_demonsoul@yahoo.com